The Saudi architectural consultant INJ Architects designed a distinctive tower called the Bahr Tower in a prestigious architectural competition, and was praised by a prestigious jury in the field of design and architecture; He even won this competition and the building’s photo was placed on the cover of the competition.

For starters, learning the history and context of Detroit will provide us with a deeper understanding of the issues they face within their community; Detroit has been subject to many occupations and conflicts. Despite this, it is still a city that has a lot to offer and this is where most of the successful businesses started. Because of its majestic architecture, some have referred to Detroit as the “Paris of the West”. With the influx of real estate investments in Detroit, this will give new life and hope to its residents. In this sense, the Detroit Waterfront District will re-translate the city of Detroit. DWD: Burj Al Bahar, meaning “top of life,” “spring,” and “youth boom,” this will generate strong international appeal to generate population and pool investments that fuel Detroit’s revival. It is considered one of the most important and successful projects in the field of tower design.

Procedural and Generative Design – Tower Design
By knowing how they work based on their contextual definition, we can create models from the collected data. We have carried out numerous studies and analyzes of the building’s performance at its maximum capacity and planning a future-proof design. Many of the studies were radiation analysis, thermal comfort, and wind tunneling. Using this data, we can program the required spaces using environmental parameters